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The AAU organises the annual student conference/competition in honour of the Founder President Dr John Barnes Conference for students who complete an Individual Project during the current academic session. It is normally held on a Friday in late October at an institution in the United Kingdom. The successful candidates will be invited to present their findings and the winner will receive a certificate and a personal cheque (usually for the sum of £500).

In addition, two runners up will be selected and each will receive a personal cheque (usually for the sum of £300). Over and above this, it will be an excellent experience and to be able to include on their CVs. It provides an ideal opportunity to present their achievements to a technically broad audience drawn from a number of Universities and the aerospace industry personnel. Furthermore, it provides the challenge of presenting work in a specific subject matter to non-specialists; this is a key skill that will need to be developed to sell the idea to a wider audience.

The usual process for entry is as follows:

Step1: The AAU representative at each member institution, together with colleagues, will select up to two individual student projects. These may be at final year BEng/BSc, MEng (whether penultimate or final year) or taught MSc level.

Step2: The representative will submit a one-page abstract, which must give a good outline of what the project is about, to the Treasurer Dr Andy Lewis at

Step3: If the number of entries is large, a Panel made up of AAU representatives will receive to shortlist from these submissions. All AAU members will be receive an invitation to join this panel.

Step4: The authors will be invited to present at the conference where each presenter will be given about 20 minutes, including questions, to present their project. The Panel will then award the certificates and the prizes to the winning student and runners up.

The deadline for receipt of entries is usually mid-July. If shortlisting is required, a Panel will then be convened and the outcome will be made known by the end of July.

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